Writing Services

Reach Your Target Audience Using Strong Writing

Do you find writing tedious, difficult, or time consuming? Are you looking for a writer who will put time and effort into your article or project, ensuring that the piece is free of errors, flows well, and is well researched? Are you looking for someone who will respond to your messages throughout the day, is happy to make revisions to your content if necessary, and has a quick turnaround time because she understands that your time is important? If so, I would be happy to help you with your writing needs.

Share Well-Written and Well-Researched Content 

Audiences, employers, and customers admire good communication skills, the ability to think critically and conduct extensive research, as well as people who are empathetic. Although you already possess these qualities, writing can often be time consuming. Or, you may know that your writing is off to a great start, but would like help developing your ideas, making sure that your content is organized, flows well, and/or presents a strong argument. When writing for your publication or helping you produce content for a project, I will ensure that your audience, employer, or customer continues to view you this way by providing you with materials that highlight these qualities.

As I write on my portfolio page, my writing and research has allowed me to explore a large variety of genres and methods, including close textual analysis, content analysis, discourse analysis, survey research, experimental research, and interviews. In an effort to provide your audience with articles and content that is as detailed and well-researched as possible, I apply these methods when writing for your publication or project.

Writing Services

I specialize in writing or developing articles and content for the following:

  • Journals (Academic and Trade) and Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Websites and Blog Posts
  • Letters or Submissions (Personal Letters, Queries to a Literary Agent, etc.)
  • Resumés, a Curriculum Vitae, or Cover Letters

Speciality Topics 

In addition to helping you create or revitalize a business or personal letter, your resumé, curriculum vitae, cover letter, etc., I also write for journals (academic and trade), magazines, newspapers, and websites or blogs. Although I enjoy writing about a variety of topics and am always open to suggestions, below is a list of the topics that I specialize in:

  • Perspectives of and Research on Well-being
  • Travel
  • Events, Dining, and Recreation
  • Interviews with Local Personalities

For samples of my writing, please visit this pageContact Christine to discuss your writing needs today so that she can help you present the best version of your work to the world.